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Types of OFCCP Compliance Evaluations and How to Prepare for Them

Get a breakdown of the compliance evaluations and how contractors can successfully prepare for each.

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Am I a Federal Contractor or Subcontractor?

Do you know if your company is a federal contractor or subcontractor? What qualifies as a federal contract? How does the government define a subcontract? Where can you go to...

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Navigating Today’s Tough HR Questions: Best Practices from the Experts

As diversity, equity, and inclusion take center stage in the HR landscape, challenges emerge. What are the EEO and ADA considerations employers need to keep in mind as we consider...

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Circa’s Diversity Symposium: Measuring to Master Inclusion Workshop

Circa's second Diversity Symposium Lunch & Learn now on-demand. Studies have shown that companies who embrace diversity as well as inclusion together are more likely to be high-performing, innovative, and...

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Circa’s Diversity Symposium: Strategies for Workplace Allies and Supporting Employees with Invisible Disabilities

Join Craig Leen as he shares Strategies for Workplace Allies and Supporting Employees with Invisible Disabilities. What are some strategies and supportive behaviors that ally co-workers can engage in to...

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Circa’s Diversity Symposium: Building Allyship into the Workplace

Join Sonya Sepahban, CEO and Co-Founder, OurOffice and Roselle Rogers, Vice President, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Circa as they share actions that you can take to cultivate allyship & engage...

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Circa’s Diversity Symposium –

We are not all the same. We bring our own experiences, backgrounds and thinking to our work. These differences are valuable assets we are focusing on through allyship for Circa’s...

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Change in the Compliance Landscape Under the Biden Administration

President Biden revoked former President Trump’s controversial Executive Order 13590 on “race and sex stereotyping” the day of his inauguration. Given the chilling effect that the Order had on diversity...

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Lead Like an Ally

In this highly collaborative talk, women's leadership speaker and trainer, Julie Kratz will share stories, ideas, and research from her book, Lead Like an Ally: A Journey Through Corporate America...

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