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In honor of March being Women’s History month and March 8 being International Women’s Day, we wanted to ask some of the women of Circa what their advice is for other women and how we can work to uplift and support each other, especially in the workplace. 

morganna milgrim

Morganna Milgrim – Customer Success Specialist

Morganna is a Customer Success Specialist at Circa and lives in Chicago with her partner and their dog. Her background is in theater arts and she spends her free time writing, dancing, and exploring the city. 

How can women support other women in their organizations?

Women should support women by making space for all kinds of us. Give everyone a chance to speak up, assign credit where it belongs, and raise up a platform for people who are underrepresented. This means Black women and others in the Global Majority, women in the LGBTQ community, and specifically trans women. It also means disabled women, fat women, women that don’t wear makeup, introverts, and so on. One of the strongest ways to stick up for yourself is to stand up for others and create a space where everyone has equal opportunity.

amanda kurth

Amanda Kurth – Enterprise Account Executive

Amanda is an Enterprise Account Executive at Circa. After graduating from UW-Madison, she started working at LJN/Circa and has been with the company for 10 years. She lives in downtown Milwaukee with her dog, Millie. In her free time, she enjoys cheering on all WI sports teams, traveling, and being an aunt.

What advice would you give to young women looking to join the corporate world?

My advice for young women looking to join the corporate world is to believe in yourself and believe in your capabilities. Make your voice heard and be assertive – know that what you have to say is valuable. Don’t allow fear or underestimating yourself get in the way of your success. Advocate for yourself with the confidence in knowing that you are worthy of the salary, equity, opportunities, and respect that you seek. I’d also advise young women to find mentors and build a strong network of role models and coworkers, who you can learn from and who will foster your growth. This is also an empowering way for women to support other women in the workplace. I’ve been very fortunate myself to have had many influential women in my life who have inspired and supported me. I don’t think I’d be where I’m at today in my career without them. 

kelly burns

Kelly Burns – Senior Sales Operations Analyst

Kelly started in July 2020 and over the past 3 years she has experienced our rebranding to Circa, launch of Salesforce and multiple software tools, and the overall success and growth of circadians.  Her role has had multiple layers from SDR Manager to Sr Sales Ops Analyst, as well as project lead for NSM.  Also, she is a diehard MSU fan/alum!  Go Green! Go White!  Go State!

How have you built confidence and/or resiliency over the course of your career?

Learning to push through the stereotypes stickered on my outer shell was the hardest task. Starting my early career in construction retail as a female really pushed me to gain a thicker skin and understand my true worth—but not without strong will and determination. Their view of me was merely a view, and my skills would highlight me in a different view—the true view. Believing in my abilities allowed me to drive hard each day. Proving them wrong was also a great satisfaction and motivator!

lisa may

Lisa May – Controller

Lisa has been a Controller at Circa for 4 years and has had the privilege of watching Circa evolve and grow. She is also a mom of two girls and loves getting to watch them learn and do the things they love.

How can women support other women in their organizations?

I think women can support other women by being a friend, someone to talk to whether it’s about work or their personal life. Also, be accepting and embrace a flexible work environment so women feel supported in balance work and life.


joanna mesirow

Joanna Mesirow – Talent Manager

Joanna has been at Circa since mid-2021 managing the talent acquisition team and getting to see the company grow a ton in a short amount of time! She lives with her long-term partner and enjoys reading, playing video games and learning new things.

Have you ever felt the imposter syndrome, and if so how did you navigate your way through it?

Yes, but overcame by acknowledging I don’t know everything and putting in a lot of effort to learn and understand the areas I wasn’t as familiar. Also celebrating small wins to build confidence that I’m doing the right things to succeed overall. Asking for help from others when needed and acknowledging skill gaps can help you fill any shortcomings sooner.


emily yang

Emily Yang – Talent & HR Intern 

Emily is the Talent & HR Intern at Circa and a junior at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management. Outside of work, she loves playing tennis and volleyball, baking, and finding new brunch places to eat at!

What advice would you give to young women looking to join the corporate world?  

My advice is to believe that you are capable of more than you think. Sometimes self-doubt or lack of experience can deter us from applying for that job or speaking to recruiters. However, by putting yourself out there it will show others that you’re being proactive and are eager to learn. Another great tip is to always prepare for your interviews ahead of time through researching more about the company, asking questions at the end, and being both professional and confident will make you stand out more. Also, building your network through LinkedIn or attending career fairs is another great way to promote yourself. Another helpful tip is to reach out to successful professionals for advice and continuously practicing your elevator pitch. Sometimes the first step is always the scariest but, in the end, it will be very rewarding! Go after your dreams and work hard!


This March we encourage other companies to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate women in the workplace and reflect on how best to support them with their future success.

If you need help with ideas for how to properly celebrate and recognize these important holidays, then Circa’s Advancing Belonging and Inclusion (ABI) can provide communication, content, and more that will help you be proactive and develop a DEI strategy.


ana farsalas
Ana Farsalas
ana farsalas

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