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Accelerate your success in building more diverse, innovative, high-performing teams with Circa’s SaaS-based technology solutions.

Are you doing everything you can to fill your talent pipeline? Successful talent acquisition requires a multi-channel strategy.

Assess Your Recruiting Strategy

Employer Branding

Keep your company’s brand front and center in recruitment efforts with our easy-to-use tools. Create a custom company profile and social media presence to start building relationships with candidates from the first interaction.

Applicant Tracking

Streamline your hiring process through our Application Tracking System (ATS). Easily manage applicant contacts and data, keep tabs on referrals, and track detailed communication history using our intuitive dashboard.

Resume Database

Our subscription packages include unlimited access to the Circa Resume Database. Simply search by category and location to expand your pool of high-quality candidates, including those who aren’t actively looking for a job.

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