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National VEVRAA Hiring Benchmark

The 6.4% benchmark for 2018 is based on the national percentage of vets in the civilian labor force. We are able to establish our own benchmark based on data from...

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Recruitment Data Management Technique

We are considering the use of a data management technique to manage the applicant pool for high volume positions. Would an acceptable technique be to FIRST consider any applicants that...

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What is covered in a compliance check?

I'm having difficulty finding out exactly what will be asked for in an OFCCP compliance check. I know that they will request our latest AAP, but is there anything else...

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Dispositioning Applicants

Do all applicants need to be dispositioned? If so, does 'not meet basic qualifications' suffice?

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Job Groupings

Hello, 1. How do you generally recommend we set up job groupings for a multi-site organization from an EEO-1 perspective? 2. When we have sites that are less than 50...

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Resume Database Search

Are we required to maintain records of external resume database searches regardless of whether the candidate(s) actually ends up applying (i.e. expressing interest) to the position through our applicant tracking...

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Notice to view AAP

As a federal contractor, do we have to display a notice for our employees informing them that they can view the Vets and IWD AAP?

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Application Process Review

We are having applicants apply through LinkedIn's portal, but understand all applicants need to go through the same application process. Would we be compliant if we than have applicants we...

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Policy of Affirmative Action Letter for Recruitment & Referral Sources Letter

Hello, Our AAP vendor is requesting that we send the letter below to ALL recruitment and outreach sources. As we are LJN customers, that number is in the thousands. Is...

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