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Ask The Experts

Staffing Agency & OFCCP

If a staffing agency is a federal subcontractor are they obligated to follow OFCCP guidelines when hiring temporary personnel for its clients ?

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Job Postings

If your job starts off as Unfunded and then moves to Funded, do you have to open a new job posting?

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What does it cost for a one time job posting?

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New OFCCP Certification and Public Transit Agencies Under the FTA

We are a public transit agency that files an EEO-4 but is subject to the FTA regulations and guidelines. Are we still required to comply with the new OFCCP requirement...

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Single Job posting

Do you have a single job posting service option in canada?

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Mass disqualifying candidates

Is it against OFCCP guidelines to mass disqualify candidates, whether you review them or not?

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EEO and Self-ID compliance

My company currently uses the standard EEO ID questions for specific locations where we have federal contracts. I would like to add voluntary self-ID data (race, gender, sex, disability, sexual...

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Job Posting Title

Sometimes we post a job with one title but when it is time to send an offer, the hiring manager wants to change the job title (while keeping the job...

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What is the recommendation for implementation of “Lacks government work authorization” disposition when a candidate discloses this information to a hiring manager and/or recruiter during the interview? We do have...

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