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Ask The Experts

AAP Compliance

We have an AAP compliance question and were wondering if you and the Circa team would be able to help answer this. if the business owners want to employ their...

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File of Self-ID Forms

Can the Self-Identification forms for Protected Veterans and the Self-Identification forms for Disability all be filed together? I keep a notebook on each form by alphabetical order. But would like...

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New Jersey Harassment Prevention Training

I know in 2020 Governor Murphy announced legislation including a requirement that all employers provide training on unlawful harassment and discrimination. It states all employers in New Jersey will be...

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Do jobs listed in the Virgin Islands need to be posted on state job boards?

I realize the US Virgin Islands are US territories... do they fall under VEVRAA?

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AAP Requirements- A Technicality

Hello, I'm hoping someone might be able to advise on this. I’m trying to find out if there is a date that the 50 employee threshold is based on. For...

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Required AAP compliance training

My understanding is that Unconscious Bias training is a required AAP compliance training. Recent legislation in Florida related to this training becomes effective July 1 2022 that prohibits such training....

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Compliance precludes access to financials?

I am a large distributor that supplies many products to both the U.S. Government directly and through/to small and large businesses providing materials and services to the government. As part...

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Hire Title vs. Posting Title

I need to get clarification regarding posting a position and the offer letter is a different title than the position posted.

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Drug Screening

As a federal contractor are we required to include marijuana screening in our drug screens?

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