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Ask The Experts

Internal Preference

Are you allowed to have an internal applicant preference? Example 1 Internal applicant: Asian female External applicant: Male veteran Internal applicant: White male External applicant: Protected class female

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Commercial Side of Business OFCCP Compliance

Our company is a Federal Contractor with primarily government contracts but the company has begun branching out to the commercial side of business. The commercial side of the business does...

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Offer different from posting?

I was wondering if you could help us with a possible compliance question. We posted a role for a position and our hiring manger gave us a salary of 75K,...

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Job Postings – Remote Work

How do we treat candidates that apply for a role and the candidate does not live in the state where the role is posted/advertised? The hiring manager wants to hire...

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Former client

Hello, I use to live in Santa Monica, California. Someone is using my identity to get food stamps and cash assistance in the state of California. I want to find...

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Can I have one job posting that may be hired at multiple levels?

I want to open a position, and we can accept a staff or senior level to fill my one role. Can I post the job at multiple levels describing the...

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Joint Reporting Committee – EEOC/OFCCP

Does Circa have any information about the EEOC/OFCCP’s Joint Reporting Committee formation? I’m interested in the rules that either authorize or govern the formation and structure of the joint committee,...

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Targeted Self-Identification

My company is beginning a self-identification campaign and my manager wants to send targeted emails to individuals who do not respond or disclose. My recommendation is that we do NOT/CAN...

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Do grants constitute a federal contract?

We receive grant funding. Are we a federal contractor for the purposes of OFCCP’s website registration and AAP compliance? We do have award in excess of $50k and more than...

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