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Changing the job requisition employment status AFTER the job is popsted

While reviewing applicants for a posted job, the hiring manager identified an applicant whose skills and experience matched that which was needed for a job we were going to be...

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US Citizenship Requirements

As a federal government contractor, there are times being a US citizen is required. I know we can't mandate all employees be US citizens. How do we know when we...

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EEO Taglines

When it comes to EEO Taglines, if an employer chooses to do the long version does it preclude them from being able to use the abbreviated version OR can both...

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Minimum/Required Job Qualifications Question

Our organization uses minimum/required job qualifications during the posting process to determine candidates that self-select that they are or are not qualified for the job (i.e. do they meet the...

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Hiring billboards and EEO statement

If a company is going to use billboard advertising for a "We're Hiring" ad, is an EEO statement required in the ad copy?

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Do you need to have an employment application on file before sending an offer letter?

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Pay Transparency Posting for a Remote Workplace

Hi Team, I had a question that relates to adhering to Pay Transparency laws and how these laws can apply to those that employ a partially remote workforce. All of...

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Self Identity

How long do employers need to keep the self-identification forms on emplyoyee's?

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Multiple Questions

Hi, we have several questions, Q1 -When do applicants get moved to archive status? Is it once they have been removed from the process (for any reason), or is it...

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