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Ask The Experts

SkyCrest Dynamics

Hey, need a bit of clarity on this.ThanksHey, need a bit of clarity on this.ThanksHey, need a bit of clarity on this.ThanksHey, need a bit of clarity on this.ThanksHey, need...

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OFCCP Compliance Best Practices

Hello, We are going through an internal audit and will be making some updates to our procedures. We are an Environmental Consulting Firm and have a couple of Federal projects....

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Annual Vendor Notification Letter to Supplier Base re: requirements of Executive Order 11246

Good evening to you! My company includes a clause, incorporated by reference, regarding our compliance with Executive Order 11246, in every RFQ, Purchase Order & Subcontract agreement that is sent....

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For ADA, how is it best to approach accommodations (best practices) - what font is required as well as what places it is required to be housed (job descriptions, etc.)?...

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EEO assignment assign to employees vs to a job

We are implementing a new HRIS system and our global team is recommending assigning EEO codes to the employee rather than assigning to a job on a job table. Can...

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Sourcing Requisitions

Can you please provide me some information or content on how to effectively manage Sourcing requisitions and the candidates who apply to them? I have seen your information regarding evergreen...

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Key Differences Between Federal AAP and IL State AAP

Could you please provide a side-by-side comparison of the key differences between a federal affirmative action plan and an IL state affirmative action plan, including the elements of the plan...

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Are Resumes ever Mandator for a Job Application

Hi there, I'm hoping you can help me resolve an internal question that came up at my company. We are an OFCCP environment and were discussing Job Applications to our...

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Job Boards

My company has an account with CIRCA. Can you tell me the names of all Job Boards CIRCA posts to? For instance, if we have a job we need posted...

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