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Ask The Experts

Employee designation

Is a contingent worker, temporary employee or contractor considered an internal or external employee? Based on the answer, what are the external posting requirements for these employees?

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Internal Employee posting description

2 part question: A) does an internal employee need to meet all of the minimum qualifications on a posted job? B) Can the minimum qualifications be changed when a job...

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Internal Job Posting

We would like to open a job internally to give our employees the first opportunity to apply for a new position. Unfortunately, our application platform doesn't currently support internal job...

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Experience ranges in job descriptions

How does the OFCCP look at/evaluate experience ranges in job descriptions? An example could be that the job description says, "2-4 years of experience in an administrative clerical support position."...

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No questions showing since September 2023?

Is the website working as I see no questions being shown since September 2023 and I submitted one earlier this week or late last week.

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Duplicate applicant for one job posting.

When doing reporting on applicants that have applied to a job, how do you deal with duplicates? If one person applies to the same job four times how are they...

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Can a FQHC required a C Suite, Executive Exempt Employee to provide daily detailed accounting of all daily activities

As a Executive Exempt Employee and member of the C Suite. I have been asked to document all activities and tasks - Clock in time, job task, start/end time, time...

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Changing the job title and salary as part of the negotiation process

I have a similar question to the Anonymous user who posted a question on January 29, 2020. Can an employer post a position with a certain job title and salary...

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Confidential Job Postings

I have multiple questions around confidential postings: 1. If I have a position I am posting confidentially, does it also have to be posted to the ESDS? 1a. If this...

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