With compliance evaluations of federal contractors and subcontractors nearing 5,000 per fiscal year in the last several years, it’s likely that one of your locations will receive a compliance review notice sooner rather than later. All federal contractors and subcontractors should be well prepared for an audit notice. Being caught off guard if the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) knocks on your door could be a costly mistake for any company.

How does a contractor get notified of a compliance review?

For most, a Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter (CSAL) is received as the initial notification of a potential compliance review. This courtesy notice informs the Chief Executive Officer or designated contact of single or multiple locations slated to receive a Scheduling Letter in the fiscal period.

It is not unusual for a federal contractor to receive a call from a compliance officer asking questions such as the name of a senior management team member and employee count at the location. This is a good sign that the facility will receive an official Sch