Welcome to the first edition of “The Fox OFCCP Report.” This will be a monthly column commentary on the latest developments at the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (“OFCCP”).

While I have been a reporter and a news editor at various times in my pre-law career, I have never been a columnist. This will be a new venture for me.

A columnist is different from a news reporter in that s/he does not simply neutrally report the news. Rather, a columnist also has a point of view. My point of view will not be as Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Green, or from any political point of view. Rather, my point of view will be that of a federal contractor advocate: What does OFCCP’s action (or failure to act) mean to the federal contracting/subcontracting community?

For my first column, I want to write about “the year that was” for OFCCP. What a whirlwind! Right? Calendar 2011 was the biggest period of policy change for OFCCP in its now storied 46 year history, even while the agency operationally stepped down the number of audits and also apparently shrank back pay collections from the levels in prior year