June 2012

What happens if the Batter steals first base?

At the risk of igniting explosive Blog threads written by those who despise sports analogies in ANY context, or setting off counter-Bloggers who insist on using ONLY football analogies, the perplexing question of what to do if a batter in baseball just up and steals first base is now arising often in the context of OFCCP audits.

There is nothing in the Code of Rules governing the playing of baseball games by professional teams of Major League Baseball which addresses what should happen if a batter just presumptuously drops his bat in the batter’s box before the 4th ball, or before striking the ball into play, and happily trots down the first base line and thereafter simply occupies First base. (Occupying First Base would have been a worthy objective of the Occupy Movement, as it has otherwise been for centuries for millions of people before the Occupy Movement). Veteran baseball umpires I have consulted over the years about this intriguing question have always speculated that they have the inherent power to order the presumptuous Batter off of First Base.

Some speculate there is even inherent authority for the