February 2013

OFCCP’s New Use of Publicity and Press Releases: New Sheriff, New Rules and New End Objectives

First, you should know that media policy is governed by the Secretary of Labor’s Press Officer, and not by the individual agencies within the U.S. Department of Labor. So, the rules could change again with the President’s appointment of, and the Senate’s confirmation of, a new Secretary of Labor to replace now departed Secretary Solis…but I do not think so since the DOL Press Policy has thus far been White House driven.

Every Secretary of Labor has his or her own personal sense of how to use the media and all of Secretary Solis’ predecessors had a formal “press (or media) policy” as to how and when to use publicity. Almost all of Secretary Solis’ predecessors used the media to magnify their substantive policies and to highlight vigorous enforcement of policies of interest to the Secretary or born of the times in which they found themselves.

Secretary Marshall (Carter Administration) was a thoughtful academician and rarely used the media to highlight what the Department was doing. He reserved use o