November 2012

What the Obama Re-Election Means For OFCCP
“You’re going to need a bigger boat”

It does not mean “more of the same”. The President won a narrow, but nonetheless decisive, victory. But, he has little or no “mandate” and had very short “coattails”, as pundits say in the Nation’s Capital. While the states will continue to tally ballots for several more weeks and refine the election results, it appears the morning after the election that President Obama won the popular vote by only about 2.8 percentage points. The House of Representatives remains firmly in Republican control with a healthy margin, although the President’s coattails did apparently shrink the margin by adding two more Democratic House members in a chamber in which all 435 seats were up for re-election (a gain of .0045 of the total seats). The Senate stayed in Democratic control and is now more firmly controlled by Democrats (up from 51 to 53 Democrats), although it is still often “iffy” for the President because of the pressure of numerous