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When looking to develop and employ a recruitment strategy, the best approach is a multi-pronged one which also includes Valuing Diversity, say our recruiting experts. This approach not only impacts the bottom line but also ensures that your business is representative of your employees, clients and vendors – culturally diverse.

To attract diverse candidates you have to want them to join your organization. One of the first and most critical steps is to ensure that your corporate branding reflects one of inclusion. Since the ‘face’ of your organization that most people will first see is your website, diversity should be reflected here. This can include everything from your mission statement, the different people within your organization that you show online, to corporate videos or testimonials from employees themselves. These will all positively impact your diversity hiring initiatives.

Outreach to community organizations. These organizations provide some of the best resources for recruiting in general, and can offer access to the diversity candidates you seek. For instance, local Veterans organizations can connect you with military people looking to transition to the civilian workforce. Along these same lines, sponsoring local community events, job fairs and networking within these groups can also present your organization directly to qualified candidates.

Use the internet to your advantage. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are easy ways to connect with groups and organizations that value diversity. Post