Every year we like to provide you, our readers in the federal contracting community, with a year-in-review and look ahead to the coming year to ensure that you are aware of trends that could impact your business. Typically, that means reviewing the OFCCP’s stated goals against its actions and then making an educated projection of what is to come. This year we will take our analysis a step further. As a federal government contractor, you must first understand that everything the OFCCP does is within a specific context. That context, at least through 2016, is President Obama’s agenda. In this mini-series we will explore exactly how that works.

A federal government agency is essentially an arm of the President. Not only is the OFCCP no exception; it might even be the leading indicator. Let’s take a look, issue by issue, first at some of the President’s goals and actions, then at the OFCCP’s actions and goals.