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Equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws enforced by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), mandate that federal contractors and subcontractors follow non–discrimination in their hiring practices, as outlined in Executive Order 11246.

OFCCP compliance requires that job vacancy announcements, below the executive–level, do not discriminate and are open to all qualified candidates, regardless of race, color, sex, religion or national origin. The laws also govern age discrimination, equal pay and sexual harassment.

When posting jobs, you should consider the following three elements: 1) write job ads that are not exclusionary, but rather open to all “qualified” candidates; 2) work with state career sites to make job postings available to a wide–network of diversity candidates; and 3) keep up–to–date records of applicants.

A core component of this is the job posting itself. If you are looking to post EEO jobs, here are some considerations:

Do not discriminate in your job ad. Be sure that your job requirements outlined in your job ad – or any other posting – does not prohibit certain sectors of the labor force from applying, being mindful of content provided within. Job descriptions should be a detailed listing of qualifications, but should not include statements that exclude certain groups. This could include age discrimination, with statements that indicate preferences in age of applicable candidates; to discrimination on the basis of a disability. For instance, an individual with a disability should be considered “qualified” if they can accommodate the job–related requirements and have the experience and education that is sought. So statements of “exclusion” should not be contained within your job description.

Also be sure to include the EEO tag in all job postings and announcements for employment. Federal contractors are required to state that all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment.

Distribute your jobs to appropriate state and career agencies. OFCCP job listing requirements mandate that all jobs, below the executive level, be distributed and made available to all qualified individuals. To ensure that job listing requirements are met, job posting should be sent to a wide variety of locations, including OneStop centers, Veteran’s representatives, Community Based Organizations, Educational Institutions and departments of Vocational Rehabilitation. This will ensure that your jobs reach a wide–variety of diversity candidates.

Keep up–to–date records. Federal contractors are required to maintain any personnel or employment records, from job descriptions to job postings and applicant resumes. These records should be available and furnished upon request to the OFCCP, as necessary.

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