In December 2010, the OFCCP’s Fall 2010 regulatory agenda was published in the Federal Register and in an effort to promote contractor feedback, Patricia Shiu hosted a live webchat Friday, January 7th, 2011. Below are a few highlights.
Compensation Data Collection Tool/Rescission of 2006 Compensation Guidance

•OFCCP will continue to follow Title VII principles in investigating and analyzing compensation discrimination
•OFCCP aware of “DuBray” method and its limitations, it is a rumor that is going to be used
•OFCCP working closely with EEOC and Department of Justice to develop compensation tool, not reissuing old EO Survey
•Advanced Notice of Public Rulemaking (ANPRM) for compensation tool expected February 2011
•If 2006 compensation guidelines are rescinded, OFCCP will not issue further guidance through the Federal Register, it will continue to provide any needed compliance assistance through various means, including webinars/ and website distribution of FAQs
Evaluation of Recruitment and Placement Results