Contractors are expected to scrupulously document their efforts to broaden recruitment, detect discrimination and to prepare for potential OFCCP compliance evaluations. OFCCP should similarly be expected to document and make readily available to the public its enforcement accomplishments. Doing so would be consistent with the pledge of government transparency on which this administration prides itself. It would sensitize contractors to issues of concern to the agency and would help contractors target their compliance efforts to the areas most likely to prove problematic in a compliance evaluation. It would also allow the public to more readily see whether or not OFCCP is using their tax dollars effectively to increase affirmative action and combat discrimination. While individuals and organizations can request this information through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and procedures for doing so are linked to the OFCCP homepage, they should not need FOIA to obtain basic enforcement statistics.
The public should not have to rely on Freedom of Information Act requests and publications from outside the agency to get a picture of OFCCP accomplishments on a year by year basis. Finding such information sho