Monitoring for Compliance in Terminations

OFCCP examines terminations when there are racial, gender or other disparities in the rate of terminations in a job group or title that are statistically significant. In most termination cases, these disparities can be readily resolved with proper analysis.

Voluntary Terminations

The first step is to separate voluntary from involuntary terminations. With voluntary terminations, the employee decides on his or her own to leave a job. Some common reasons for voluntary terminations are: getting a more desirable job, going back to school full time, retirement, and relocating out of the area. When examining voluntary terminations, OFCCP asks the employer why the individual left and will attempt to contact the former employee to verify the reason given. If the individual confirms the reason for leaving, OFCCP will usually consider the matter resolved. If the individual cannot be contacted, OFCCP will usually still consider the matter resolved because there is no evidence that the r