On the face of it, missing data seems more of a mundane nuisance than a problem. This is particularly the case with applicants' voluntary self-reporting of race and gender data. Based on our experience, however, missing data is one of the most overlooked threats to AAP compliance. Unfortunately, most contractors do not realize this until they are deep in the middle of an OFCCP audit. The goal of this article is to help federal contractors better understand missing data, with a discussion of:

  1. What is Missing Data?
  2. Consequences of Missing Data – Inaccurate AAP/EEO analyses.
  3. Best Practices – How to manage this threat.


Section 1: What is Missing Data?

Typically, analysts consider missing data as simply blank information in a dataset. In practice, however, not all missing data is the same. In AAP/EEO, there are two forms of missing data: