President Obama has just a bit over 18 months left in office. Consequently so does the OFCCP—in its current incarnation, that is. Once Mr. Obama leaves office, there will likely be a new Director, and the OFCCP will subsequently reflect shifting priorities. How much those priorities shift, of course, will depend on who gets voted into the White House next. In the meantime, the OFCCP has released its budget request—and the justification behind it—for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016, giving us some insight into how it will be thinking and acting for the remainder of Mr. Obama’s tenure.

Let’s first look at some numbers. The OFCCP’s total budget request for FY 2016 is $113,687,000, and authorization for 660 Full-Time Employees (FTEs). In all likelihood, Congress will award less money than requested. While the OFCCP has become more aggressive since 2009, the last two fiscal years have not seen a budget increase, but rather a s