Like I said, I am all about technology. It is essential to make your systems work for you instead of fighting to gather and analyze employee data. However, making the move to an HR system for the first time or moving systems isn’t without its issues; therefore, here are a few affirmative action compliance items to keep in mind: recordkeeping requirements, viewing and access to data, what to do with the originals, accessibility, etc.

If you have made the decision to convert your paper records to an HR system – congratulations. First, take a breath and know that in the end it will be a huge step forward for your organization. I said take a breath because the process of moving from paper to a system can be time-consuming and tedious. Here are a few AA compliance issues you will come across: How many years back will you be uploading into the system? If less than the recordkeeping requirements, how will you maintain those records? Does the system have fields for all of the information on the paper original? If not, how are you going to maintain those records? Once it is in the system, will you be able to view and provide it to OFCCP if requested?

If you are moving to a new system, you have already tackled the issu