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Why fix it if it’s not broken? Keeping good employees and promoting from within is the best way to maximize profit, maintain an amicable attitude among staff, and allow an exceptional, motivated, and hard-working employee to demonstrate his or her abilities – and potentially become a valuable member of your company. With the time and money required to train someone else, employee retention is the clear-cut, financially advantageous choice for your organization, say the recruiting experts at Circa. But how do you ensure your staff stays with you?

An employee can perform his or her job most effectively with easily discernible objectives. A common complaint among employees is lack of communication from superiors; improper instruction and a scarcity of feedback can cause an employee to become unsure. This can be detrimental to his or her ability to perform their job.

A simple “thank you” can go a long way. Recognition of an employee’s accomplishments will boost his confidence, and potentially dissolve the “another-day-another-dollar” attitude that many employees find themselves stuck in. Someone who is secure and has a more positive outlook will produce better results, and may even go beyond expectations.

However, morale isn’t the only factor that contributes to employee retention. Workers can’t perform their job if they do not have the necessary tools to do so. Don’t stop at making your employees aware of their expectations; provide the training and the time to help them arrive at their objectives, and they will perform more consistently, and with better results.

Cultivate a comfortable work environment. Don’t make your employees feel as if they’re simply cogs in a machine, lacking control over the fate of the company at large. Encourage feedback, and make your staff feel comfortable and confident; never let an employee feel that he or she is “in trouble” for proposing change. Entertain their suggestions, and, if appropriate, implement them. An employee will perform better if they feel that they’re being heard, or making a difference, and eventually contributing to the big picture.

Maintain fairness in the workplace. Afford all staff the same opportunities, where appropriate. This avoids hostility among coworkers. Finally, never threaten an employee’s job or salary, under any circumstance. Instead of motivating an employee, this may cause pressure, stress, and may be the final incentive for them to stop considering other employment, and begin to actually seek it.

Allow your employees to realize their potential in the context of your company. Maintain a relationship with each of them, and get to know his or her special skills or abilities that could help them perform tasks beyond their daily expectations. An employer may be able to utilize these special skills, and acknowledging them can place a career-oriented employee into a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship with the business.
They will be more encouraged to use their abilities for the good of the company, and, in turn, benefit from the rewards of a good job, monetary, a promotion or otherwise.

Fostering your employees’ abilities will produce better work, a more motivated and energetic staff, and may flesh out a talented worker, who, if not properly trained, acknowledged, and rewarded, could just as easily have slipped through the cracks, and ended up under the supervision of a competitor.

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