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Many business owners look to hourly employees to augment the efforts of full-time staff. Retail, hospitality, food services, call centers and others are some of the industries that rely on hourly workers. The need to fill these positions quickly is great. However, just like the process hiring managers use to fill salaried, full-time positions, they should focus on attracting the best job candidates too when filling hourly jobs. This will impact turnover, enhance productivity and improve customer service. This article focuses on best approaches to hire hourly workers.

Find the right job fit. The turnover for hourly employees is greater than salaried employees. The best way to reduce turnover is to ensure you select those candidates with the right job fit only. Just like you take the time to prepare a detailed job description for a full-time employee, invest the same time for hourly workers. While you may not be looking for candidates with a professional background or education, you will need to do some upfront work to ensure that you attract candidates with the right skills and training.

This brings us to pre-screening. Candidates who are more carefully pre-screened are more likely to fit the position, further reducing turnover. A pre-screened candidate is also better at engaging with customers which will improve service. When you improve and invest time in the hiring and pre-screen process, you will more likely attract candidates that will stay longer on the job.

Use online job boards. Most employers today use online job boards to hire salaried or professional workers. This cost-effective recruitment tool is just as effective in hiring hourly employees. You can easily increase the pool of candidates you attract. The added benefit of using online job boards, like Circa, is that they also focus on diversity groups, so that you can also meet Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) hiring with ease.

Use your corporate web site. Use your corporate web site to post job openings for both salaried and hourly workers. Your website is one of the most effective ways to attract qualified job candidates because visitors are already interested in your company. You should capitalize on this by outlining job requirements to match candidates to open positions on your site.

Use social media. Networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are becoming a popular recruiting tool. These social media sites are a terrific way to augment your hiring plan and connect with job candidates and post jobs.

Encourage walk-ins and referrals. One of the most effective ways to recruit hourly workers is through walk-ins. Sometimes your best customers make good employees. For instance, if you have a retail presence, have signs posted that encourage in-person, on the spot applicants. Along with walk-ins, also encourage your staff to refer job candidates to you. Friends and others in their own personal network sometimes make for good hires.

Participate in jobs fairs. Job fairs and other industry events are a good way to attract candidates and also will help build your presence in your local community. This will benefit both your short-term and long-term hiring goals.

By following the tips above, you can attract and improve the retention of hourly workers. This will contribute to the overall workflow process, as well as reduce costs associated with recruiting and turnover. Other benefits include hiring qualified workers that have the right skills for job performance and customer service.

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