Thirty days – calendar days – is a very short time to get a submission together for OFCCP, but it's not the time to cut corners. One of the most effective ways to avoid a protracted review is to ensure that the data you submit is comprehensive, accurate, and is internally consistent. You do not want to be correcting data after it has already been sent to OFCCP, as OFCCP tends to presume that corrected data is submitted to hide a problem discovered after the "real" data was received.

Ensure Comprehensive Data

First, ensure that your data includes everything you need for analysis. Review your original data used to complete the Affirmative Action Plan. There are several questions you need to consider:

  • Did you include everyone that should be included? OFCCP requires the inclusion of any people who work more than three days. Part-timers and seasonal workers should also be included. Don't neglect the top of the organization. The CEO must be included, too.
  • Are you missing any data? In Excel, use a filter to see