The five-year anniversary of the revised Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act (503) regulations is fast approaching. This anniversary will allow for profound reflection by contractors on their progress made to attract, select, advance and retain individuals with disabilities in the workplace. It is an opportune time for contractors to monitor progress, highlight effective outreach initiatives and programs, as well as begin preparation for the five-year invitation to collect voluntary employee disability status. This five-year interval requirement is specified under Subpart C and should be included as an action item for contractors to discuss and plan for in the upcoming year. However, this milestone year may also bring additional recognition, as well as scrutiny imposed by the OFCCP.

First, we are seeing interest from Craig Leen, Director of the OFCCP, to highlight companies that have demonstrated successful practices and strategies for individuals with disabilities. One such recognition initiative is the proposal of an Excellence in Disability Inclusion award. Public comment for this award ended in December 20