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The New Year has many of us making resolutions. For employers, it can provide a critical opportunity to engage employees and make them excited and motivated for the year ahead. If you are looking to foster an environment where your employees feel appreciated, here are some simple approaches you can take today as you look at the new year.

  • Welcome your employees back. While the holidays have come and gone, this doesn’t mean the festivities have to end. Greet your employees back with a New Year’s breakfast or lunch. This can be as simple as coffee and bagels in the morning to afternoon cookies left in central areas for all to enjoy. Small gestures such as these held throughout the year also encourage employee interaction.
  • Meet with employees to review the year ahead or send them a personal note outlining business goals. Thank employees for their efforts last year, and outline new goals for the year head. This will make employees more motivated and engaged; the best way to begin the year. Be sure to communicate business goals on a regular basis throughout the year.
  • Publish a calendar of employee events. This may include regular observances as well as any other events planned for the coming year, such as lunches or special workshops that employees can participate in.
  • Meet with employees to reassess their goals. Employees who see how their individual goals fit into the big