The key to surviving a compliance review, or audit, is in preparing the AAP—way before the scheduling letter is received. Remember, a compliance review focuses on the activity from the 12 months prior to the development of the current AAP. So audit survival starts with not forgetting the past. Here are eight ways to do just that:


  1. Develop your AAP on time and accurately! Scrub your data before your AAP is developed, and check for missing or inaccurate information. Some common errors are missing or inaccurate race/ethnicity and gender codes, and old job titles. Other frequent issues that should be checked are:


    • Applicants and hires—are all of your new hires included in your applicant data with the appropriate pool of applicants? Are there any jobs filled with one applicant and one hire? If so, research why there was such a limited applicant pool. What disposition codes are being used and are they accurate? Do you have applicants who applied to one