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One of the most cost–effective recruitment strategies still remains the traditional online job posting. It is also a necessary outreach method for Federal contractors who need to meet OFCCP mandates as they relate to making jobs available to protected groups, including veterans, persons with disabilities and minorities.

Online job boards such as provide access to vast networks of candidates with each individual job ad. This includes access to a national job website, mobile website, social–media websites, diversity career websites, as well as job scout emails. These online job boards can also reach a broader audience including job aggregators, niche job boards and community based organizations, as well as post mandatory job postings to state employment systems and state job banks. All of which are requirements for OFCCP compliance.

For those looking to create an effective online recruitment program, you will also need a strategy for your job descriptions. Best practice is to create a performance–based job description, one that clearly outlines a potential hire’s goals based on what they will do on a day–to–day basis. Demonstrating responsibilities in this way will ensure you are sourcing the right candidates, up–front.

Once you have the job description, plot alternate online recruitment strategies including social media, blogs and any other platforms to find top–talent. Because these networks have a broad reach – and are essentially free resource vehicles, developing a social media strategy in conjunction with your online recruitment plan is a must.

LinkedIn is an excellent social networking tool. Since user profile pages summarize career experience, searching the site’s vast database can help uncover qualified candidates by area or specific industry. Recruiters can tap into LinkedIn’s industry networks to source candidates and connect with peers. You can buy job postings to drive qualified leads, or announce openings for free in your status box. Company pages, such as the Circa company page, are also helpful to attract actively searching candidates to your company website.

Facebook is another good tool. Again, you can find talent through searches, or make notations of job openings on your company profile page. Like LinkedIn, Facebook also offers an ad service which can be used to create job postings.

The best way to use Twitter is to “Tweet” about available jobs. You can also connect with people, companies such as Circa, groups, organizations and networks of interest by “following” them, or drive “followers” to your Twitter account.

For more tips and information on recruiting strategies, visit our Employer Resources.

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