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An often underappreciated task by employers, equally as important as a detailed and impressive cover letter for job seekers, is developing and advertising the perfect job description. A job description should be viewed as an introduction to potential employees, one that will make a lasting impression, and can either drive further interest or propel great candidates away.

An ideal job description should be both broad in outlining essential functions and objectives of each position; and specific, from the job title, to the tasks required of employees. And most importantly, it should reinforce your brand and the benefits of candidates in joining your team; a major element of any recruiting strategy.

Here are three basic principles you should consider to help craft an effective job description.

Cover the basics. First and foremost, job seekers must know what he or she is getting into. A job title is of course necessary, but employers should also make it a point to include a brief, but detailed, list of objectives, level, and the general nature of the job. Other basic elements incl