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In honor of National Small Business Month, we are devoting a series of articles designed to help companies improve their approach to recruiting and talent management. Today’s focus is on how companies can work towards creating an ideal company culture, a crucial aspect of talent retention.

A great company culture takes years to cultivate and cannot be implemented overnight. It starts with having good managers and all-inclusive, dynamic company policies that trickle down to employees.

One of the most important facets of strong company culture is diversity. When you have a rich, multicultural workforce, you are demonstrating to the public that your business practices and employees mirror the people it serves. As our population grows increasingly diverse, businesses must grow to meet the demands and preferences of the public. This means positioning diversity recruiting at the forefront of your recruiting initiatives.

Another central factor of workplace culture is creating a solid work ethic from the top-down. Establishing clear-cut rules and policies that everyone is bound to ensures there are no gray areas. For example, each new employee should be provided with clear instructions and guidance on their job duties and what is expected from them, now and in the future. If John comes to work fifteen minutes late every day, then Susie will be less apt to arrive on time. If Lester spends hours on Facebook each day, then other employees are sure to become less productive as well. Establishing a standard for everyone to follow will lead to better talent management and less disruption among the ranks.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to this last recommendation, it is also important for workplaces to have flexibility when it comes to policies. Everyone’s habits, needs, and wants are different, and many people may require provisions to ensure they can adequately perform their job duties. Being flexible and considerate when it comes to your employees is a very powerful recruiting and retention tool. Offering telecommuting, flexible work hours, or other accommodations will enhance your company culture, which will create a ripple effect when you are filling open positions.

While many company cultures may seem generic or repetitive from business to business, there are ways you can stand out from the pack. Focusing on a particularly unique facet of your employees – such as their dedication to community service or a rich tradition of continuing education paid for by the company – will give you a competitive advantage when recruiting. Everything from implementing a great supplier diversity chain to practicing green policies at work will lead to an esteemed workplace culture.

Company culture doesn’t need to begin at the top, with the big boss. It all starts here, with you. One person can make great waves.

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