In a time of changing laws and a pervasive fear of OFCCP audits, it is always a good idea to make sure that people have a good understanding of the basics in compliance and how internal decisions affect Federal contractors. For decades contractors have told me that when it comes to affirmative action “A plan is a plan is a plan,” meaning they are basically cookie-cutter reports and all AAPs are basically the same. At the same time, contractors have always been anxious to get the annual plan(s) completed and placed on the shelf (or electronic folder) at the lowest cost possible so they can move on to other tasks. Well, as EEO/AA compliance experts, the OutSolve team can tell you with all certainty that a plan is not just a plan. Maybe it was ten or twenty years ago, but not anymore. The landscape has changed and the repercussions are far more significant not only from a time and effort perspective but from a dollars and cents angle as well.

Contractors need to make dozens of decisions when developing plans, many of