The vendors that provide applicant tracking systems routinely suggest that their systems are “OFCCP compliant.” Yet, federal contractors and subcontractors are frequently cited for record-keeping issues associated with applicant data. How can companies ensure that their applicant tracking systems will help them successfully navigate through an OFCCP review?

As a starting point, it is important to note that no applicant tracking system (ATS) can by itself be “OFCCP compliant.” Only federal contractors and subcontractors can be OFCCP compliant. The best ATS can be completely useless during an OFCCP compliance review if it is not used properly, and the worst ATS can be a godsend if a company has meticulously used it to record and retain the type of data that OFCCP expects.

With that basic point in mind, there are some functionalities that are important if an ATS is going to be useful during